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By 2025, the global sales of cold-chain drugs and biologics are projected to reach $416 billion. These figures are part of a larger global biopharma market that is expected to exceed $1.43 trillion.

MiPharma serves as a specialised Logistics Network for best-in-class Freight Forwarders within the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain. It unites professionals who are committed to driving change and innovation within the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Logistics sector, addressing the critical pain points and challenges faced in the industry.

With a unique blend of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, MiPharma facilitates the search for reliable partners capable of handling pharma cargo worldwide.

Through networking opportunities with key Supply Chain facilitators in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors, MiPharma provides unparalleled access to subject matter specialists within their respective fields.


This collaboration model enables vertical integration and synergy among professionals, leading to the development of an enhanced and more efficient logistics framework tailored specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.

By connecting like-minded Supply Chain Professionals who share a common passion for Pharma, MiPharma creates a platform for mutual learning, growth, and advancement within the industry.



At MiPharma, our objective extends beyond networking to delivering comprehensive solutions that empower our Members to effectively manage Pharma cargo. We understand the complexities and challenges inherent in the transportation and handling of pharmaceutical products.

Our solutions encompass a diverse array of services, including Active and Passive packaging solutions designed to maintain product integrity and temperature control during shipment. We also offer expertise in compliance certification and road mapping, ensuring that our members adhere to industry regulations and standards effectively.

In addition, our services encompass lane assessment, providing a strategic evaluation of transportation routes to optimize efficiency and minimize risks. We also offer data logger solutions and leverage other IoT innovations to enhance visibility, track and monitor product conditions in real-time, and ensure the safe and secure transport of Pharma cargo.

Through these comprehensive solutions, we are committed to equipping our network with the tools and support needed to navigate the intricacies of pharmaceutical logistics successfully.



Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the pharmaceutical industry faced annual losses of over $15 billion due to temperature excursions.  When accounting for costs such as damage analysis and replacement products, this figure escalated to over $35 billion.


The MiPharma Goal is to create an end-to-end compliant logistics supply chain that adheres to Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV) .  It goes beyond merely obtaining a stamp of approval. It encompasses a comprehensive commitment to upholding regulations, guidelines, and best practices to ensure the safety, quality, and integrity of pharmaceutical products throughout the supply chain.

Education in Pharma logistics is indeed crucial, given the critical nature of the products being transported. The pharmaceutical industry deals with life-saving and temperature-sensitive products where even the slightest mishap in logistics can have severe consequences.

We provide an array of courses that upskill and increase your staff’s current skill base.  It helps build a strong and capable workforce that is prepared to meet the challenges and demands of pharmaceutical logistics effectively.

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Automate calculations of energy consumption, carbon emissions, air pollutants and external costs. Connect via API, SaaS and web applications.

  • Calculate the entire supply chain, across all modes of transport.

  • Compliant with GLEC Framework, EN 16258, GHG Protocol and ISO 14083 in process.

  • Detailed Emissions Dashboard and calculation.

  • Scientific methodology.



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