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Pharma Logistics

By 2022, world sales of cold-chain drugs and of biologics will likely top $416 billion, in a global biopharma market exceeding $1.43 trillion.


With 20% of world’s population, Europe and North America consume more than 60% of the total pharmaceutical products (in dollar terms).


Asia is expected to account for the largest regional share growth with ~$1.5 billion in cold-chain logistics spending growth between 2018 and 2022.



MiPharma is a Global Trade Association for 'best in class' Freight Forwarders in the Logistics Pharma Supply Chain. It brings together like minded professionals who desire change and innovation to address pain points in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Logistics Supply Chain - facilitating the search for partners to professionally handle the movement of Pharma Cargo.

Networking with key Supply Chain facilitators in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, MiPharma provides unprecedented access to subject matter specialists in their respective fields, creating a vertical collaboration that leads to an improved and more efficient logistics model for the Pharma industry. Connecting like-minded Supply Chain Professionals with a passion for Pharma.

In MiPharma Global you will find professionals who care and take pride in the services they provide to the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry - driving their business through professional, compliant, trustworthy, and transparent working practices. With a collaborative and partnership orientated environment for members, MiPharma is Global in Scope, local in Character.



  • Losses associated with temperature excursions in healthcare are around a staggering USD 35B per annum globally;

  • Members will benefit from the global reach and uniform approach to standards in Pharma that SGS, the Global Compliance Agency can provide. From Certification, Training, Consultancy and Audits;

  • Compliance is key to creating transparency along with a uniform set of standards delivering confidence in the Supply Chain;

  • Founding Members will be compliant with GDP and/or CEIV for the handling and movement of Pharma Cargo;

  • Compliance will only become more important as legislation continues to evolve;

  • Compliance is the cornerstone of MiPharma and its members.

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Partnered with Twinnee, MiPharma offers members and the industry unrestricted access and transparency milestones of cargo movement, condition, and security. Twinnee a leading innovator in real-time transparency provides an array of solutions which can be adapted by product and service.


Anytime, anywhere data:


With smart sensors which can capture and transmit data, you can receive a clear picture of the condition, location, and environment of your goods as they are in transit. ‘Anytime, anywhere’ data access empowers you to make informed, intelligent decisions and take corrective actions so that your supply chain runs more smoothly and efficiently.

  • Gain real-time in-transit visibility and condition monitoring;

  • Remove manual processes dependent on phone calls and email communication;

  • Remove blind spots, acquiring status about goods and assets whilst they are on the move;

  • Achieve visibility of in-transit goods condition – temperature fluctuations, significant shocks that might affect product quality and efficiency;

  • Gain visibility of where inventory is located and manage your suppliers better, removing inefficiencies and disputes;

  • Enabling IoT for the supply chain.


MiPharma Global will advise you on process improvement, the sensors and hardware required, integration, network infrastructure and the available visibility and alerts.

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